Mark Rothko, Centenary

Guest Speakers:

Dr. David Anfam

Managing Director, Art Exploration Consultancy, London, UK
Author of the Catalog Raisonne of "Rothko's Works on Canvas"


Dr. Alexander Borovski

Head, Contemporary Art Department
The Russian Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia


Dr. Fjodor Fjodorov

Professor of Philology & Art History Daugavpils University
Daugavpils, Latvia


Dr. Eduards Klavins

Head, Department of Art History & Theory
Latvian Academy of Art
Riga, Latvia


Dr. Isy Morgensztern

Independent film producer & director
Former professor of History of Religions
Toulouse University, France


Dr. Sheldon Nodelman

Professor of Art History
University of California - San Diego (USA)
Author of "The Rothko Chapel Paintings: Origins, Structure, Meaning"


Dr. Christopher Rothko

PhD in Psychology
Son of artist Mark Rothko; actively involved in presentations of his father's work
New York, NY (USA)


Ms. Suna Umari

Executive Director
The Rothko Chapel
Houston, TX (USA)


Mr. Oliver Wick

Guest Curator: "Mark Rothko: consummated experience between picture and onlooker"
Beyeler Fondation
Basel, Switzerland


Ms. Karen Wilkin

Curator and art historian, specializing in 20th century modernism
New York, NY (USA)